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The eyes of the heart and the wisdom of the head

volume 35 nr 1

January/Fenruary 2013

The eyes of the heart and the wisdom of the head

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Above all, the pentagram intends to inspire its readers by interesting contributions and articles. The magazine, as does this issue, seeks what is original, unsullied and pure in the human being - and how this may affect his work, his poetry, his art and his other expressions. In the actuality of the modern Rosycross, we often refer to this pure power as the Light spark, the Spirit spark or the primordial atom. Around us, we see how much has been damaged by the largest threat to life: indifference. Nothing seems to be whole, unsullied and undamaged anymore, and in much of what surrounds us, we see the lack of true life, true ensoulment and inner life. We invite our readers to approach the world and society with the eyes of the heart and the wisdom of the head, in order to help alleviate the great suffering of this time with this same pure energy, with deeds of benevolence, compassion, support and the rest that may emanate from the inner being, the rest of the Buddha, the spirit of the universe, and the meekness of Christ, ‘whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light.’

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