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About Membership of the Golden Rosycross

Membership enables you to participate in our community activities, discussion groups and conferences, or just to find out more about the Gnostic path shown by the School of the Golden Rosycross.

Membership is free, with no commitments or obligations, other than a genuine desire to learn and experience more about the Gnostic path followed by pupils of the Golden Rosycross.

Please read the information below before applying for Membership


Why become a Member of the Golden Rosycross?

The Golden Rosycross reaches out to all seekers, and to all peoples, wherever they are around the World, through physical and virtual public presentations, videos, webinars, public talks, books, music, and conversations. In this way the Golden Rosycross is radiating and sharing the Light it receives from the Universal Spirit, the radiation from the divine Source with which we are all connected, whether we are conscious of it, or not.

The Universal Spirit manifests in each culture and each era in time and space, according to the prevailing conditions. The Golden Rosycross recognizes there are many manifestations of the Gnosis, and many different accounts of the path to restoring our living Spiritual connection with the One. From its beginnings in Europe nearly 100 years ago, the Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross has referred to the sacred texts of many spiritual traditions in its activities and literature, and today it welcomes members and pupils from around the world, without regard to spiritual, cultural, or religious backgrounds.

The aim of our activities is to awaken in those who are open to it insights into your state-of-being and that of the world around you. This self-awareness may bring forth or accompany a deep yearning to change yourself and the world, and perhaps the discovery of the underlying causes of the world’s troubles. In becoming acquainted with the Golden Rosycross, you may yearn for a closer connection, to discover more about the path it shares.


Membership in the Golden Rosycross is open to anyone who experiences an inner resonance with the School’s activities and presence, and becomes conscious of an inner need for this spiritual connection to be vivified.


As a member in the School of the Golden Rosycross, you will discover that both the cause and solution to that which touches your deepest essence, is within you. Although mortal, we human beings carry an immortal Spirit-spark of true Life within us, as the deepest, truly Spiritual essence of our being. At the same time, we also bear a natural soul, and to the extent this natural soul, in all its aspects, dominates our being, the true Spirit-soul being is unable to manifest in us or through us. This natural soul must be changed, so that it no longer prevents the awakening of the Spirit-spark in our being.


This is why the Golden Rosycross and Rosicrucians throughout the ages refers to the opening of ‘the Rose of the Heart’ and the process by which this Rose is brought to full bloom. As this Rose unfolds and awakens within the heart of the human, the deep yearning the pupil feels for a pure state of ‘being truly human’ arises as a driving force. It is accompanied by the inner knowing that this pure state-of-being was and can once again become manifest as the Spirit-Soul Consciousness.

The School of the Golden Rosycross supports its members and pupils in the reawakening and reunification of the heart and head, through an inner process of purification and renewal. The School guides its members and pupils towards an increasingly deeper insight and self-knowledge, thus to understand the true origin of your being, and the path to manifestation of the Spirit that was once dormant within you. This inner self-revolution leads to the reawakening of the divine element within you, an awakening that will fundamentally change you, and therefore the world around you.

Membership is free, and brings the opportunity to learn more about the Path and the spiritual support the School of the Golden Rosycross offers, without any obligations or commitments. If you find that after a period of orientation, you wish to walk this Path and are ready and willing to do so, you may ask or be invited to become a pupil. The Golden Rosycross never forces or coerces its members or pupils along the path, a path that can only be followed in complete freedom and self-authority.

To apply for Membership, PLEASE USE the "APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP" button below...

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