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Contemplations and Reflections
from the Golden Rosycross

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The Path of Self-Initiation

March 2023

There seems to be a contradiction between contemplation – silence, and self-activation – action, deed. But seekers for the Eternal Truth will always focus contemplation on self-examination in order in this way to prepare for a new mode of life.

For the right contemplation always coincides with the insight that only a new life of action can lead us on the path of soul liberation.

The Path of Self-Initiation

The Universal Birth of the New Soul

December 2022

The Spiritual Wisdom at the heart of all religious traditions
speaks directly to the heart of every seeker of the Light.
Today we would like to share and reflect on a selection of traditional stories from across the world describing the conception and birth of the New Soul.
When we open ourselves to the Spiritual essence within all things,
we see through the outer appearances of different ways of expressing
the Universal Spirit, and find the One Spirit in All,
and at the heart of our own Being.

The Universal Birth of the New Soul

Love of Wisdom

October 2022

When we come to open our heart in silence, we rediscover within ourselves the long-hidden secret of true life. It is about the rediscovery of the soul, the soul capable of hearing the Voice of Silence.

This divine Soul is a hidden dimension that lies inside us. It corresponds to a spiritual level that the human being once possessed, in which we participated fully, and which we must rediscover. This is the true meaning of our life, and it is also our mission!

Love of Wisdom

Open to Universal Wisdom

February 2023

The Universal teachings of Wisdom took shape in the spiritual traditions that were adapted to the consciousness and the assignment of humanity in the particular time. All spiritual traditions decline, just as all high civilizations decline. They are usually shattered from the inside, due to gradually diminishing attention to the inner aspect. The inspiring force loses its focus and slowly fades away. What remains is not much more than a shell without a real content. Therefore, time and again, the new spiritual impulses are needed, to propel humanity towards consciousness and renewal.

Open to Universal Wisdom

Life and Spirituality

November 2022

Living our lives in the here and now is truly important. We have received our life to prepare for inner breakthroughs, so that the spiritual light may penetrate more and more deeply into us. This light will make us aware that we are an essential part of a powerful divine plan that stretches from eternity to eternity; aware that our deepest being is part of a heavenly symphony, a cosmic dance, and a radiant joy!

Life and Spirituality
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