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The Gnostic Path of the Golden Rosycross

An Introduction in 12 Explorations

We welcome you to this Introduction to the Gnostic Path of the Golden Rosycross, an opportunity to explore and discuss the universal teachings shared by the School of the Golden Rosycross and the path its pupils follow.
You can follow these explorations now at your own pace and at a time that suits you. Please get in touch with us with questions, and you are most welcome to join our activities for members around the world!
We’re here for you, and we wish you a good journey!

Introduction to the Gnostic Path of the Golden Rosycross

The Task of the Personality Being

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The Task of the Personality BeingIntroduction to the Gnostic Path of the Golden Rosycross
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Summary Exploration 6 - The task of the human personality

‘Daily transmutation’ is the process by which our earthly, egocentric urges are overcome. This cannot be done in an experimental way. Overcoming of the egocentric consciousness is only possible if the need for it is experienced from within.
In this process, the personality is indispensable and the body has an important role to play. This does not mean to say that the physical body itself is spiritualized or resurrected in a divine life field, but that its organs have a task to perform in a spiritual sense.

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Exploration 6 - The task of the human personality

In our two previous explorations we tried to show that the human being is in fact a complete system, a world in miniature, which we call the microcosm. As we explained, this miniature world has its own microcosmic firmament – the aural being – and its own microcosmic earth – the personality. So your I – the personality – is mortal, a temporary vehicle that is replaced by a new one every time the microcosm enters into a new incarnation in matter.

So far, however, we have only given you a somewhat simplified view of the microcosm. In reality, this life system is much more complex. Yet we hope you will have understood our main point, which was to show that the earthly personality is not independent, but very much under the influence of the aural being, the microcosm, and hereditary factors.

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