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Information for Members
of the Golden Rosycross

​Membership is free, without commitment or obligations, an opportunity for coming to understand the aims and teachings of the Golden Rosycross and orientating oneself to the requirements of going the Gnostic path.

Here we share practical information to aid informed choices about membership,

and becoming a pupil on the Gnostic path shown by the Golden Rosycross.

Information for Members of the Golden Rosycross...

Membership enables you to participate in our community activities, services, discussion groups and renewal conferences, to learn more about the Gnostic path shown by the School of the Golden Rosycross.

The Purpose of Membership: Membership offers an opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the aims and teachings of the Golden Rosycross, and orientating oneself to the requirements of going the Gnostic path, without any commitments, expectations, or pressuring, including regarding progressing onto pupilship of the Golden Rosycross.

Stepping onto and walking the Gnostic path is an entirely personal and individual decision, taken in complete freedom and self-responsibility. Of course, we can allow the ego to hold us back from following our inner calling, but when the candidate for pupilship is truly ready, it will be evident in every aspect of their life and consciousness - evident both to themselves and others.

If you have are feeling that Membership is no longer right for you, it might be for a number of reasons. So we wish to provide here information to help you make an informed decision as to the next step on your Spiritual path.

Changing your Communications options: Please add our domain to your whitelist to ensure you receive our communications about Members and Pupils activities.


We do not share your details with third parties under any circumstances. We do not normally post or deliver messages to members in person, so if you do not provide an email address, it is difficult to maintain an active membership. If you don't have an email, please consider registering for our WhatsApp or Telegram message groups. If you live close to a Centre or are in regular contact with other members or pupils, they may be willing to keep you informed of upcoming activities.


​​We are very conscious of the need to avoid unnecessary emails and communications. If you feel you are receiving too many emails, please let us know, so helping us to make our communications more efficient and effective.


​​If you resign from membership but wish to continue to receive emails from us, please do not use the unsubscribe link. Just contact us via email advising your preference. If you don't wish to continue receiving our emails and have already unsubscribed, yet still receive communications from us, it may mean you had more than one email address or name in our database. Please let us know so we can identify the problem and prevent it from happening again.

Resigning from Membership:  If a member decides membership or pupilship of the School of the Golden Rosycross is not for them they should feel completely free and able to resign from membership, without question or hesitation on the part of the School. Of course, we are happy to discuss this decision with you if you wish, but even then, we will not try to talk you out of resigning.


To resign from membership, you can let us know by email, or you can simply unsubscribe using the unsubscribe link in the footer of all our emails. However, if you are happy to do so, we do prefer that you email us directly so that we know clearly your intentions: sometimes persons unsubscribe because they have more than one email through which they receive communications from our website, or they might inadvertently click on an unsubscribe link, or they might not realize that unsubscribing from our emails prevents us from communicating with them. Pupils must inform their local directorate in writing, and return any property of the School that they have received.


Rejoining the School: Members or Pupils who have resigned are welcome to apply to rejoin as members at any time through the Membership signup form. You will need to complete all the details in the signup form again, as we would not normally retain your details, unless we are legally required to do so. Membership in the Golden Rosycross is open to anyone who experiences an inner resonance with the School’s activities and presence, and becomes conscious of an inner need for this spiritual connection to be vivified. Pupilship has certain commitments and requirements, and remaining a pupil is subject to those being met.

Beyond Membership - Becoming a Pupil: The School of the Golden Rosycross supports its members and pupils through an inner process of purification and renewal leading to the reawakening and reunification of the Spiritual essence in the heart with the purified sanctuary of the head. The School guides its members and pupils towards an increasingly deeper insight and self-knowledge, thus to understand the true origin of your being, and the path to manifestation of the Spirit that was once dormant within your microcosm. This inner self-revolution leads to the reawakening of the divine element within you, an awakening that will fundamentally change you, and therefore the world around you.

If you find that after a period of orientation as a member, you wish to walk this Path and are ready and willing to do so, you may ask or be invited to become a pupil. The Golden Rosycross never forces or coerces its members or pupils along the path, a path that can only be followed in complete freedom and self-authority.

If you feel this path is right for you, please discuss the possibility of pupilship with your Members mentor, or a member of your local or national directorate. If you are not sure who to contact, fill out our contact form and we will direct your enquiry to those responsible for your working field.

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