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Accessing the Community Members Area
of the Golden Rosycross Community

The Members-Only Area of the Golden Rosycross Community's website is designed to assist members and pupils to participate in the Community activities.

Below we provide some guidelines as to how to avoid technical difficulties in accessing this area. The content herein is provided as an guideline only.

Please contact us if you find there are technical issues with the display of content.

Accessing the Community Members Area of the Golden Rosycross website...

The Purpose of the Community Members Area: Membership enables you to participate in our community activities, services, discussion groups and renewal conferences, or just learn more about the Gnostic path shown by the School of the Golden Rosycross. True Pupilship of the Golden Rosycross implies and requires an active participation in the activities of the Golden Rosycross Community. As the International School of the Golden Rosycross has in recent years reached out to all seekers across the world, not matter how far they happen to reside from a Centre, it has done so knowing that new modes of communication and engagement will be necessary to allow all pupils and members to be assisted and guided along the Spiritual path described and demonstrated by the Golden Rosycross for nearly 100 years.

The "Members-Only Area" of this website is intended to be a dynamic area with many pages of information and content provided for the exclusive and private use of pupils and members. Access is provided for pupils and members on behalf of their local working field, and all queries in relation to content and access should in the first instance be directed to your local directorate.


Technical Background of a Site Members-Only Area: A Members-Only Area is a technical term that refers to that part of a website that can only be accessed by registered users of the website, and requires that the user logs into the website using their "account details." Such facilities are seen everywhere in life, from banking to entertainment to medical services and beyond.

To access this area on this website requires the following steps:

  1. Application for access from a pupil or member;

  2. Assessment of application by the Directorate of their working field or Region;

  3. Decision to grant or deny access, and assignment of access rights for different levels of pupilship;

  4. Logging in and Setting passwords;

  5. Maintaining access and communications


Guidelines for accessing the Golden Rosycross Site Members-Only Area: (we call it the Community Members Area)

  1. Application for access from a pupil or member: existing pupils and members are registered and granted access as of right, as long as they can provide an email address. It is assumed that having access to the internet, regardless of its efficacy, implies that the user has the technical possibility of also having an email address, even if the only purpose of doing so is to access this website and receive communications from the Golden Rosycross. Pupils and members are strongly encouraged to utilise the benefits for their pupilship or members of participation in the Golden Rosycross online community, and receiving electronic communications. New members and pupils from outside the English-Speaking Region apply for site membership via the form available on the Golden Rosycross Signup popup. Pupils from other Regions will be granted Guest access, which gives restricted access to the general facilities for pupils and members, but not to the pages with pupils-only content. You need to contact your local directorate to request further access.

  2. Assessment of application by the Directorate of their working field or Region: Membership applications are approved on the basis of the information provided by the applicant and in accordance with the guidelines on our website, and there are no inconsistencies in the application.

  3. Decision to grant or deny access, and assignment of access rights for different levels of pupilship: Granting of membership is at the discretion of the regional directorate. This process is normally completed within a few days but can take longer. Please contact us if you have not received confirmation of your access within 7 days. Applications for pupils should be made through the same form, using the option indicating you are already a pupil or member. Please also send us a message with your pupilship details via our contact form to expedite this process. After an application is accepted, you should receive a notification from Wix.

  4. Logging in and Setting Passwords: After submitting your application, you will be required to verify your email address and set a password. It is essential that you retain these details and ensure that you use this email and password to log onto the site. If you wish to change your login email, it is possible but needs to be done manually, so please ensure your application uses a valid and trusted email address. Please ensure your password meets the recommended standards of complexity to prevent your account from being easily hacked. Passwords can be reset by sending a request to the admin team. You can log in using the "Login" button in the top right of this website (, via the "Members Area" tab in the main menu, using the Golden Rosycross Login form.

  5. Maintaining access and communications: Once you have logged into the website on a trusted device, it is possible to remain logged in while the device's connection with the website is stable. Logging out is best practice, and essential if you are on a public computer. You may register on the site (e.g. via a subscribe application) with more than one email, but only one email can be assigned as your login email for your member's or pupil's access privileges. Only one account is permitted per pupil or member. Your login email should be your primary email for receiving communications, although technically this is not essential.

Troubleshooting access problems: If you have difficulty logging in, please make sure you are using the correct email for your login account, and make sure you have access to and are checking the inbox of this email address for communications from  or Wix in regards to your login access. This is very important!

  • When using hyperlinks to log in, please make sure you are attempting to access the correct domain name and website Old links can relate to cached, archived or incorrect email addresses, so it is very important to check that the website address is spelt correctly!

  • In case of persistent login difficulties, the first step should be to clear your browser cache. Next, use the "Forgot password" link in the login popup to initiate a password reset via email. Check your email inbox and junk folders for the password reset email.

  • Please DO NOT create another application for access: contact us for a password reset if you can't trigger a reset yourself.

  • If you change or lose your email, please contact us with your new email address so we can change your login email, and trigger a password reset for you to act on.

  • Please make sure you check the correct inbox for emails from Wix or when signing up or resetting your password.

  • Please check your junk and spam settings and junk folders for emails from - you may be surprised what you will find there!

  • Add as a trusted domain in your browser.

  • Add to your email programs whitelist or trusted domain in your spam filter.

  • Check the link you are trying to use to access a particular area of the members or pupils section: any direct link to content in the members-only area will require you to log in, or be logged in already. It is possible you may have to log out before logging back in, or if you continue to have difficulty, please restart your device and clear the browser cache before trying to log in again.

  • If you find possible technical problems with the site please try to access it on another device and/or contact other pupils or members in your working field to ensure the problem is not to do with your device, before contacting us. Thank you!

Access after resigning from Membership or Pupilship: If you are no longer an active pupil or member, your access to the members-only area will be terminated. If you are no longer a pupil or member but wish to continue to receive emails from us about upcoming public events and activities, please contact us via email advising that you wish to remain on our mailing list for public activities.

If you don't wish to continue receiving our emails and have already unsubscribed, yet still receive communications from us, it probably means you had more than one email address or name in our database. Please let us know so we can identify the problem and prevent it from happening again.

​​We are conscious of the need to avoid unnecessary emails and communications. If you feel you are receiving too many emails, please let us know, so helping us to make our communications more efficient and effective.


We do not share your details with third parties under any circumstances.

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