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Gnosis and Rosycross

An Exploration of the Meaning of Life

We welcome you to this introductory series, offering the opportunity to explore and discuss the universal teachings shared by the School of the Golden Rosycross and the path its pupils follow.
The content presented here is intended as a background to our regular public events in which we discuss in depth the universal teachings of the Golden Rosycross. Please see our upcoming events, and we most cordially welcome you to join our events for seekers around the world!

Explorations of Gnosis and Rosycross

Karma and Reincarnation

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Karma and ReincarnationExplorations of Gnosis and Rosycross
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Summary Exploration 4 Karma and Reincarnation

How can we experience the eternal dance between spirit and matter, karma and divine love, and harness the transformative power within?

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The Eternal Dance between Spirit and Matter

During this exploration, we will create a new image of the human being and investigate its various aspects, including the way in which the personality is part of a greater system, a microcosm.

We will start with the following quotation:

The life of our entire personality develops from the earth and in the earth but no more than that. This life, as we know from experience, consists of a continuous rising, shining, and fading, a coming and a going in all aspects of the earthly existence.

But there is at the same time another life that touches us. […] This other life is very close to us; it is around us. It is a life that does not stem from the earth; it does not belong to the earth; it cannot be explained from the earth. We speak of the 

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