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Cosmic Radiation

volume 41 nr 1

2019 - One

Cosmic Radiation

Título 1

Examine the way in which you shine. In the past, when radiation was still good for us, such as the radiation from the sun, the image was simple: a source with a number of outgoing rays, as the cover of this edition shows. Shown as an artistic carpet, the impression is that of beneficence - pleasant to the feet. And the colours in which the rays emanate are beautiful when they reflect in an object or mosaic, such as in the mosaic ‘Radiation’ of Julie Edmond on the inside of this cover. Since then, the nature of radiation has changed. Later in this issue, Vera Verhagen clearly depicts the effects of the excess of artificial electromagnetic radiation on the delicate tissues of the human body. Some people are extremely sensitive and suffer a great deal from it. Yet society can no longer do without it - our daily lives would be totally disrupted. That indicates a question of development. What is man forced to do by the environment he creates for himself? The answer may lie hidden in the nature of radiation itself, to be found some time in the future, but that search for another way already shows that to live a soul-life is no longer enough. Radiation drives us to become a spirit-man, that is to say, an expert in the radiation laws, and so be able to control them. The old soul-life no longer suffices, and whatever we do, a new spiritual perspective is needed. And just as at first the negative soul-life has dried up, with its devotion and sentimentality, now its physical counterpart follows: there is a weakening of the natural life that seems to determine our consciousness. All around there is transition and transmutation, and it seems impossible to maintain the old ways. One can conclude that we need to research the way we shine; we need to research how all radiation works in us, and so find the only source that increases when we give it away: Love.

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