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Immensely rich - infinite debt

volume 39 nr 2

2017 - Two

Immensely rich - infinite debt

Título 1

According to the philosopher Kierkegaard love creates an infinite debt. Not to the one receiving it, but rather to the one who loves. That can’t be true, we initially thought and so did everyone to whom we presented this dictum. He, who loves, gives his love to others. By receiving this love the others become somewhat indebted to him. That is how we would calculate it, right? No way, according to Kierkegaard it is exactly the other way around. He may write in a rather difficult way to follow, but after reading it again and again we finally understood what he meant. Love that creates a debt cannot be true love. This kind of love cannot to be paid back. Someone who gives love, does not become less through giving, and therefore does not need to receive anything in return to make up for a deficit. In fact, according to Kierkegaard, through the giving of love one’s own debt becomes only greater, finally to become infinitely large. How is that possible? Well, this great thinker clarifies it in this way: love is a gift, a gift from the universe, or from the Above, or from the One, as he would say. Who has love, is immeasurably rich and for that he is infinitely indebted to the cosmos, the All-Being. Thus he does not need anything in return for his love, for in that love he is full of gratitude for that which enables him to love, God, or the One. Such a thought goes far beyond words.

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