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A storm of the Spirit effervesces and drives to deep Gnostic awakening

volume 38 nr 2

2016 - Two

A storm of the Spirit effervesces and drives to deep Gnostic awakening

Título 1

Wonderment and inquisitiveness are both a blessing and a curse. No animal will wonder why it lives, why it walks around here. But a human being will search and search again. Ever further he searches to control his world and the material plane. But does he also control the depths of his spirit? An inward search is something that is awe-inspiring. Whoever undertakes it with some subtlety, will discover frightening aspects of him/herself, as well as sparkling colours of goodwill and love. Necessary for it is a measure of curiosity as well as a longing to reach a purity of soul. Wherein lies the origin of a conscious way of living? Is it hunger, a drive for food? Is it the drive to protect our personal circle, our own family or community? Was it a yearning for emotions and feelings that have made us intelligent and caused the thinking faculty to develop? Or is it something quite different? Is it a gentle breeze - something inexpressible? A flask of dew, at the summer’s break of day, which made you go searching, and gather roses, in the service of mankind? And didn’t you then learn, through that delightful bouquet of gifts, how true the line is from Gilbert Bécaud’s chanson: L’important, c’est la rose… That it is the rose that is essential?

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