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A call from the solar heart; the Path, truth in your life!

volume 38 nr 1

2016 - One

A call from the solar heart; the Path, truth in your life!

Título 1

From where do I come? Where am I going? And ultimately: who am I? Gradually something becomes clear to us, so clear that it stares us in the face like a Medusa. What we as people do not seem to be able to learn along social, moral, and altruistic lines, stands here imperatively before us: We are one. Where do you come from? From everywhere. Whereto are you going? To anywhere. Who are you? One grand expression of the One. That’s why we are dust from dust, spirit from spirit, and full of aspiration. Once it resounded: ‘Dust you are, and to dust you shall return’. But for these present times we may also say: You are spirit, and you shall return to the Spirit! The more reason for us to be humble, and no reason not to embrace the grandeur of the creation.

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