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The deception

Volume 37 nr 6

November/December 2015

The deception


Renewal is the key word, or it should be, for the spiritually striving human being. Every day the Rosicrucian works on building the soul, inspired by the immeasurable Eternal breath that he knows to be active within him. And if he ever looks back at the results, it is to better attune his manner of working and not to go back to the past anymore than he wants to reach a definite goal in the future. It is the heartbeat of the moment - the eternal now - from which the Rosicrucian derives the driving force of his action and it is to the Eternal One that he dedicates the outcome of his labour. What matters is renewal, irrespective of the achievement, regardless of the personal - and this requires inspiration. It is this spiritual inspiration, which lifts us above our self. Inspiration is a spiritual inflow that becomes reality when it goes hand in hand with personal suitability and that is an acquired quality. The inspiration always comes as a gift from above and we have to work towards it from below upward. As such the new Pentagram is the result of such an on-going influx. The source is the force field of the School of the Rosycross and the quality of its pupils determines the strength and the value of its content and gives it the corresponding form.

Articles in this issue...

The seat of the soul - J. van Rijckenborgh
The sacrifice of the words
What one doesn’t speak of
The deception: How gold, silver and money turn the essential values upside down
The deception: The deception of mankind - Money, archons and aeons
The deception: What is going on with the earth? Frans Spakman
The deception: A process with boundaries
The Way of the King
The great Friend of God from the Oberland
Tango of contradictions
Working with resistance
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