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Light compels everything to declare itself

volume 36 nr 5

September/October 2014

Light compels everything to declare itself

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Now that the planet Earth draws new energy patterns around herself, everywhere people commit to preparing new societies, freer consciousness, both the inner and the outer one. This inspiration of the present days, linked to the intercosmic light penetration, has now become a reality right through the old magnetic fields. Indeed, Light compels everything to declare itself. While large populations show nowadays an increase of satisfaction in chaos and destruction, it is also a fact that the majority of conscious people devote themselves to new developments. Wherever possible, they put all on the line to make the balance tip towards a new, positive orientation. As if attracted by a magnet, they stream towards a new environment, which is an inner state of being. They come from all horizons and parts of the world to absorb and populate this new state. On the contrary to our limited existence sphere, that field is never too small, or too full, for with each heart that breaks through the border and is welcomed, the space gets larger.

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