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Be human being today

volume 34 nr 4

July/August 2012

Be human being today


This Pentagram begins with an article from 1929 by one of the founders of the modern Rosycross. The topic of a fascinating consideration about Jakob Boehme’s seven spirits leads us further back, to the seventeenth century; and it does not stop there: a book review about Marsilio Ficino, Platonist and Hermetic-Christian thinker, leads us even further back to the fourteenth-century Renaissance. And as if this is not yet sufficiently far back in time, we also cast some light on a workers’ community from Egyptian antiquity, now 3,500 years ago. Did we go astray? Have we turned into a history magazine? Or do we succeed in showing how universal the thinking about the Light is? Do we succeed in transmitting the extent to which the unknowable divine element is always active? Do you discover with us that the truth about the eternally other aspect in the human being exists through all times? Do you, reader, see how every newborn human being on earth knows this longing, but also the despair and the yearning for a radical change which speaks from the powerful photos of our short series ‘Be human being today’? Let yourself be inspired; be not distracted. Find the luminous idea. Be human being today.

Articles in this issue...

A luminous idea - ZW Leene
How the new reality resounds within us: the seven spirits in the work of Jakob Boehme
Be human being today I
A meditation about radical change
Be human being today II
Only light reflects light
Be human being today III
A metaphor from ancient Egypt: the Brotherhood of Truth
Be human being today IV
Book review: ‘the divine Plato’ as guideline
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