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The Four Elements

volume 31 nr 1

January/February 2009

The Four Elements

Título 1

Earth and human being constitute a unity. When the earth changes, the human being changes in its wake, and currently, the earth is in full motion. The winds of change, blowing over the earth, have a great influence on the human consciousness. Nervous tension and stress are increasing; people are living under great pressure and inner balance seems far away. The human being is in balance when heaven and earth meet each other in his inner being. He who hears the inner voice, will see all outward things in their right proportions, and standing firmly in the storm, he is like a house on a rock. But who hears this voice? And does he who hears it, believe in it? How unreal seems its sound, and how vague. Are we able to react to it with our current consciousness?

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