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Man and monad

volume 30 nr 6

November/December 2008

Man and monad


Only powers of a higher realm are able to break through what is lower, and truly help it forward in this sense. Yet, when large groups of humanity, forced by the new cosmic influences, approach the centre of the cross, they will be able to achieve a resurrection on the vertical beam. Then progress is possible, and a new form of society can present itself: the ‘sancta democratio’. This is a unity that results from people who find each other. Only in this unity, a unity on the level of the soul, will all influences and any ties of nature yield, enabling the higher spiritual values of being human to reach the consciousness.

Articles in this issue...

Man and monad - Jan van Rijckenborgh
The creation of man in the gospel of Judas
Lilith, the suppressed feminine principle
Shockproof: rose garden versus Taipei - a reflection of a reader of the pentagram
The great reconciliation
Christian Rosenkreuz-Heim 1958-2008
From eternity to eternity knowledge-power-will-courage-action-silence
Insurrection or resurrection directed intercosmic reactions change man and planet
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