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The mystery of love

volume 30 nr 5

September/October 2008

The mystery of love


‘It is useless to be sentimental about love; it is actually useless to compose poems about it. He who speaks about it should speak with deeds, with facts of concrete building. This is what is required of us. What the universal teachings call love is the primordial substance of the divine flame, of the world soul. Not until the light of this flame begins to burn, will the human being ‘bear all things with this love’. The process of divine love extinguishes karma. It not only covers karma in a negative sense, so that it still continues to exist, but replaces it absolutely. The magnetic system of the auric being is affected by the divine flame; the dialectical firmament is extinguished and a new firmament is formed. “A new microcosmic earth”, a transfigured personality, will now unfold under this new heaven - the coming new man.’ - J van Rijckenborgh in The coming new man

Articles in this issue...

God’s principle
The transformation of the world - the quest for a quantum leap in human relations - Ervin László
An interview with Ervin László
Of the one and the two
A creative dance
Love that is salvation - Søren Kierkegaard
The meaning of love
The rhythm of the all-manifestation - Jan van Rijckenborgh
The call for true love
Explain to me, o love - Ingeborg Bachmann
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