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Gnosis and Rosycross

An Exploration of the Meaning of Life

We welcome you to this introductory series, offering the opportunity to explore and discuss the universal teachings shared by the School of the Golden Rosycross and the path its pupils follow.
The content presented here is intended as a background to our regular public events in which we discuss in depth the universal teachings of the Golden Rosycross. Please see our upcoming events, and we most cordially welcome you to join our events for seekers around the world!

Explorations of Gnosis and Rosycross

Ego, Personality and Soul

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Ego, Personality and SoulExplorations of Gnosis and Rosycross
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Summary Exploration 5 Ego, Personality and Soul

Join us for a profound exploration into the depths of the human being, the complexity of our identity, our subconscious, our ego and our soul.

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Beyond psychology

When in ancient times the heart was called ‘the sanctuary of love’, it referred to a heart that was prepared for a life-force, a possibility of life that can rightly bear the name of love.

Everything that is lower than the high standard of love is a state of desire, of I-centrality. […] The Love that is worthy of the name is not to be found in the

essence of dialectics. It is of a higher order; it belongs to the new true life. It is Spirit, it is God.

That is why Pymander says in […] verse 19: ‘Direct your heart upon the light and know it’.  (Jan van Rijckenborgh, The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis, Part I, pages 43–44)

The heart of the nature-born human being is absolutely no longer the sanctuary of love. Karmic influences, together with our path of life, determine the state of 

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