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La Rosacruz Áurea


La Rosacruz Aurea es una Escuela Espiritual Gnóstica moderna y el eslabón más reciente de la larga cadena de Escuelas Espirituales a lo largo de los tiempos. Las enseñanzas gnósticas y el Lenguaje Universal utilizados en nuestras descripciones del Camino Gnóstico y en nuestros libros están adaptados de Escuelas Gnósticas anteriores.

Este Glosario tiene como objetivo ayudar a aclarar el significado de los términos que utilizamos hoy.

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Adamitic Mankind

humankind of the race of Adam, i.e. fallen humankind.


monstrous formations of unholy, natural forces, which in the course of time have been brought into existence through humankind's thinking, willing and desiring that has deviated from God. Aeons can be differentiated into twelve main groups. These creations of humankind, which are completely beyond control, keep humankind imprisoned and create the irresistible forces of self-maintenance through which humankind is compelled to proceed on its self-centred ways. In this way the human link with the rotating, dialectical wheel is perpetuated. Also, the hierarchic group which rules time and space, also called 'the dialectical hierarchy’ or ‘the prince of this world’. It consists of the highest form of metaphysical power which originates from fallen humankind, united with the nature-aeons mentioned before. This group misuses all the forces of nature because of its Luciferic supremacy in the fallen, dialectical world, driving humankind to unholy activities for the benefit of its own dark purposes. These entities have achieved liberation from the dialectical wheel at the expense of terrible human suffering. In their need for self-maintenance, they can only hold on to this freedom by increasing and maintaining the suffering of the world. (See: The Coming New Man, Part I, Chapter X, and Unmasking, by J. van Rijckenborgh). Also, enormous periods of time.


the rulers of the aeons. The hierarchic group of rulers of time and space, as the supreme metaphysic power-formation which came forth from fallen humankind. In their collectivity, sometimes they are also designated as the dialectical hierarchy, or ‘the prince of this world’.


in the progression of the sidereal years, the earth entered the range of action of the zodiacal sign Aquarius, one of the consequences of which is that a corrective working of rapidly increasing force is becoming manifest with regard to everything which is disharmonious to the Great, Cosmic, Divine Scheme. Therefore, this corrective, radiative activity will increasingly become manifest to humankind for a rise, or for a fall, depending on whether or not their state of consciousness and attitude of life are in harmony with the Scheme of the Universal Logos.


nerve-ether, nerve-fluid, astral force, attracted to the human life-system via the pineal gland, in keeping with his character.

Arch-Gnosis of Hermes

this term refers to the fact that all real gnostic activity in the present period of humankind emanates from the original fount of the Egyptian Gnosis; that all gnostic redemptive work is rooted in the original knowledge that the deliverance of man is possible only through the resurrection of the hermetic or Mercury-man, the real divine man, who Jives out of a consciousness enlightened in God.

auric being

the auric firmament represents the totality of the senses, the forces and values that result from the karma of the human being. The mortal being is a projection of this firmament, which totally determines his possibilities, limitations, and existence. The auric being is the embodiment of the karma of the fallen microcosm. It is the old (micro-cosmic) heaven that has to pass away through a reversal of life, guided by the Gnosis.


’the power with the lion’s head’, i.e. the unholy will of the human being, born in matter. The name Authades is derived from the gnostic gospel Pistis Sophia, by Valentinus, where it represents the unbridled passion of the human being.


indication for the condition of the heart of one who, in true yearning for salvation, executes the total reversal of life. Such a person opens the heart for the entrance of the gnostic light and prepares the `stall', the maimed and defiled heart, for the birth of the inner Christ Being. In every true pupil, Bethlehem becomes the beginning of the ancient way, which finds its glorious end on Golgotha — the Place of Skull — through the resurrection of the true Son of God in the microcosmos.

biologic consciousness

the ordinary, natural centre of consciousness of the threefold dialectic human system, surrounded by the respiration field. The biologic consciousness should never be confused with the highest spiritual aspect of man, although the latter actually is enchained by the former.

Brotherhood of Shamballa

see Universal Brotherhood.

Christian Rosycross C.R.C.

C.R.C. is an abbreviation of the name Christian Rosycross. It refers to the archetype of the person who has accomplished the return to the true, immortal human state via the path of transfiguration. This sevenfold path is fully described as the seven new days of creation in the book The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross, which contains an explanation of a veiled text, written by Johann Valentin Andreae, a Brother of the seventeenth-century Rosicrucians who lived in Calw, Southern Germany.

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