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The Song of the Pearl - a tale of inner transformation I Americas, Europe, Africa
The Song of the Pearl - a tale of inner transformation I Americas, Europe, Africa

Sun, Apr 14


Zoom Webinar

The Song of the Pearl - a tale of inner transformation I Americas, Europe, Africa

The supreme quest of the human-being while on Earth is to find the Path that will lead to True Life. Over time, many parables, fables, poems, and hymns have been written about this quest in an effort to enkindle in the human-being a memory that might lead to a desire to walk the Path of Return.

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Apr 14, 2024, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Zoom Webinar

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The Song of the Pearl - a tale of inner transformation I Americas, Europe, Africa

Gnostic Contemplation on Zoom

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Throughout the ages, this profound journey has been the inspiration for countless narratives and artistic expressions. Parables—those simple yet profound stories laden with veiled spiritual insight—have served as signposts, guiding seekers towards enlightenment and understanding. Fables, with their anthropomorphic characters and moral conclusions, have often mirrored our own human follies and virtues, subtly nudging us towards self-reflection and growth.

Poetry, with its rhythm and resonance, has the unique ability to capture the ineffable and express the inexpressible. Poets have long been the scribes of the human soul, documenting the innermost desires and struggles that lead one towards the path of True Life. Their verses serve as a balm, soothing the restless spirit and reawakening the dormant quest for a higher purpose.

Hymns, with their melodic harmonies and devotional lyrics, have lifted hearts towards the divine, creating a collective resonance among those gathered in reverence. These sacred songs have the power to unify the individual's quest with the universal longing for Truth, forging a communal spirit of aspiration.

Each of these literary forms—parables, fables, poems, and hymns—acts as a catalyst, igniting the memory of a purer existence within the human being. They are not mere stories or songs but are imbued with the potential to awaken a latent desire, a spark that can set one upon the Path of Return. This path is not charted on any map, for it is a journey within, leading to the core of one's being where True Life awaits.

The quest for this path is timeless and universal. It is the essence of every spiritual tradition and the hidden theme of our collective narrative. It is a journey that requires courage, sincerity, and perseverance, for it challenges one to shed superficialities and embrace a life of authenticity and spiritual integrity. It is a path that promises no material reward, yet it offers the ultimate prize—the realisation of one's true nature and the unification with the eternal.

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