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Catharose de Petri

True peace requires the rebirth of the entirely conscious, immortal soul, in connection with the Spirit. Only a reborn Soul can enter the original divine world of eternal peace, as the result of a totally new attitude of life through which the soul awakens, reason and consciousness are transformed by self-knowledge and 'non-being', and the perfect breath of life transfigures the entire being. This fundamental rebirth is accessible through a process described in the primordial wisdom of all times, from Hermes to Christ, from the Upanishads to Tao. Catharose de Petri shows that all these Universal Teachings describe the path that leads to transfiguration.


Catharose de Petri introduces to the reader the concept of the necessity of the rebirth of a new, entirely conscious, immortal soul, if a union with the Spirit is to become a reality.  She introduces the fundamental steps that lead to this union, and demonstrates how this knowledge has always been there from the Bhagavat Gita to the Upanishads, from Lao Tze to Hermes, from Buddha to Christ.  All of these Universal Teachings brought the exact same spiritual message.  

The fundamental principles are ensouled within these philosophies, from the significance of longing, insight and sacrifice to a new mode of life that brings the neophyte to the awakening of the new soul, and hence the preparedness for a new union with the Spirit.  Through the logical steps of the path that leads to this transfiguration of the whole being, the author shows us in detail the necessities that comprise this path of transmutation.

As the chaos and tension of our modern-day life leads many to question their lives and seek answers that address absolute and eternal values, Catharose de Petri offers genuine answers, appealing to the very essence of our inner being.  She shows that the answers are to be found within the heart, and that we are all capable of allowing meaning and purpose to enter our lives by following the inner voice of longing that drives our seeking.

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