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The Light Vesture of the New Man

The Apocalypse of the New Era I

The Light Vesture of the New Man

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Rozekruis Pers



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Catharose de Petri and Jan van Rijckenborgh

This book contains the full text of the first Aquarius Renewal Conference held in 1963 at Renova in the Netherlands including prayers and questions and answers. The authors explain how the light-vesture is purified and liberated from the etheric spheres of the material world. It is the purification of the etheric light emitted by our vital fluids: the blood, nervous system, endocrine system, serpent fire, and the flame of the consciousness. Only in this way can we become capable of assimilating the higher etheric vibrations emanating from the original, divine realm, with which the 'golden wedding garment', the Spirit-Soul Body, is woven.


Initially presented as a conference, and now in book form, the authors, Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri, approach the subject of the light-vesture (the soul), from the perspective of its role as the mediator between the Spirit and man. By addressing the current state of the natural soul, the authors explain how the five soul-fluids that make up its structure, and that are born of the elements of the nature of perishability, cannot be purified, altered, or raised in vibration through any act of will, to liberate the life system from its mortality.

The reader is taken through the functionality of the five mortal soul fluids (the blood, the nerve fluids, the endocrine or hormonal system, the kundalini or serpent fire, and the consciousness fluid), explaining how their synergy forms the ‘soul-light’, or ‘light-vesture’ of the natural man, that is the basis of our personality and its expression and behaviour. We are then shown how, through a life that is based on a minimum level of insight gained from the life experiences of the personality, together with a genuine longing of the heart that is expressed as a new attitude towards life, born through self-sacrifice and a true devotion to the spiritual goal, the natural soul can become the vehicle of transformation to enable the birth of a new soul, that can act as the true mediator for the Spirit.

The authors also bring into focus the significance of the current cosmic radiative impulses of Aquarius being experienced by mankind - their twelve-fold zodiacal signature - and explain how this new ‘atmosphere’ can form a spiritual ‘bridge’ for the seeker who longs for a union with the Spirit.

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