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The Golden Rosycross

The Golden Rosycross

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Rozekruis Pers



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Catharose de Petri

Catharose de Petri reveals to the reader how a seeking human being can become a living building stone in the Universal Temple. To that end, a harmonisation of the entire fourfold being of the candidate, through the heart, eye, voice, pituitary gland, medulla and the twelve pairs of cranial nerves, take place in and through the temples of the Golden Rosycross. In this way, magnetic flows of Light force are allowed into the reawakening human being as a living temple, a living building stone of the Golden Rosycross. Then a new astral field is ignited in the auric being, and the candidate consciously surrenders to the Universal Spirit-fire!


In this book the author, Catharose de Petri, reveals how the seeking human being can once again become a living building stone in the Universal Temple. Through an inner journey the candidate of the initiation process of the Golden Rosycross can once again, through the process of the fivefold Gnosis, bring about a unification of the head, the heart and the hands, the three sanctuaries of the personality, leading to the rebirth of the Divine Soul. 

Focusing on the esoteric aspects of the human physiology and its related soul qualities (the blood, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the serpent fire, and the flame of consciousness), the author describes their relationship to the path of liberation, and the significance each of these ‘soul qualities’ plays in this process.  

Finally, the author takes the reader to the apex of this journey, describing the wonder and glory that awaits the candidate on this path, through the renewed unity of the reborn soul with the spirit.

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