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The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 2

and its call in the eternal present.

The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 2

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Rozekruis Pers



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Jan van Rijckenborgh

The second volume of The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis - on the basis of books 3 to 9 of the Corpus Hermeticum of Hermes Trismegistus - presents the conditions for and phases of the path of liberation. The first condition is the profoundly experienced insight that humankind, in its current existence, is separated from God, and does not know God. By sacrificing their 'I' every person can undo this separation and then be nourished by the forces of the spirit, and so overcome death.


In this second volume, Jan van Rijckenborgh further connects the reader to the teachings of Hermes Trismegistos, so that through this, we may inwardly hear the call of the Egyptian Arch Gnosis, the voice of the universal House of the Father.  In continuing his expose of the ‘Corpus Hermeticum’ and taking a more detailed and comprehensive look at books 3-9, the author focuses especially on the phases, or steps of the path to liberation.  

In this dialogue between Hermes, also known as ‘Thrice Greatest Hermes’, and Asclepius, the neophyte on the path, Hermes answers the questions posed by Asclepius by confronting him with the universal realities of the two nature orders – the mortal and the immortal.  By approaching the idea of the ‘All Good’, Hermes (the Spirit Soul) lays before Asclepius (the seeker), firstly, the duality of his state of being – on the one hand, his transient, mortal personality - and then his immortality - the divine principle that lives within his heart, and which expresses the Only Good.

Jan van Rijckenborgh approaches these dialogues by bringing to the reader the esoteric and spiritual significance of insight (the head sanctuary), which is deepened and matured in conjunction with the activity of the divine spark within the heart sanctuary.  From this, he places us before the spiritual imperative of ‘self-sacrifice’, as the key to sanctification, the path of transmutation, which must of necessity demonstrate within the life sanctuary, within our expression of life, the reality of our inner soul growth. 

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