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The Confession of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross

The Confession of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross

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Jan van Rijckenborgh

The Confessio, or confession, is the second manifesto of the classical Rosicrucians. Jan van Rijckenborgh focuses on the words of the classic Rosicrucians as the key issue: 'The earth is the melting pot in which we are cast down, so that the gold of the spirit will be able to free itself from the lower and transmute into soul-gold. That is the human destination.' The Rosicrucian manifestos were published between 1614 and 1616 in Germany as the spiritual testament of the classic Rosicrucians. The Manifestos’ call for a general reformation caused much commotion throughout Europe at the time.


Closely linked to the Alchemical Wedding, this manifesto, or ‘confession’, clearly identifies the impulse, character, and aims of the Classical Rosicrucians of the Middle Ages.  In this volume Jan van Rijckenborgh shows the reader the universal and timeless truth, whose light shines from behind the words of the ‘Confessio’, and how all true spiritual groups, both past and present, placed themselves under the same ‘confession’.  

By firstly unveiling the harsh reality of the transitory and impermanent nature of this world, and placing the great delusion of humanity in the light of its own behaviour, the ‘Confession’ also shows the reader the Glory and Truth that have accompanied and called man throughout history.  

The readers’ mind is placed before the spiritual principles that illuminate, nurture and guide all true spiritual endeavours, and the significance these have to the individual’s own spiritual path.  Taking the principal elements of the ‘Confessio’, Jan van Rijckenborgh places the reader before the clarity of conviction that is the deep possession of all true seekers for the Light.  This devotion to the highest spiritual principles, is the signature that manifests in the ‘Confessio’, and thus is a light that ‘that shines for all to see’. 

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