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The Coming New Man

The Coming New Man

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Rozekruis Pers



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Jan van Rijckenborgh

There is a growing awareness that humankind faces a change - the necessity of which is becoming increasingly urgent and obvious. In The Coming New Man, Jan van Rijckenborgh describes the fundamental change necessary in every human being - the development of the core essence in the heart. Giving up the ego and letting the soul core grow in the Light leads to the rebirth of the New Man equipped with an entirely new Spirit-Soul-Consciousness. The author gives a magnificent insight into this great opportunity for humankind. For those who are receptive to this, reading this book will spark the longing for such a fundamental transformation.


Jan van Rijckenborgh speaks of the fundamental spiritual task all of humanity is called to enact: the Coming New Man.  Offering a deeper insight from an esoteric point of view, the author describes unequivocally the current state of being of the nature born man, then with this as a starting point, brings to the reader a vital picture of the progressive steps that lead to reunification with the Spirit, to true liberation.

Often using the symbolic language of the Bible to demonstrate the universality and relevance of its spiritual message in our times, the author takes the reader on an inner journey, firstly through self-knowledge as a condition for genesis, then by unveiling the sevenfold path each neophyte must walk towards attainment, he concludes with a discussion on the gifts and faculties of the reborn soul, the ‘New Man’.  

The author clearly describes to the reader the complete path that must be awakened in the seeker, a path that emulates the one fundamental aspect of divine Love – sacrifice!  Through the sacrifice of the self, and hence through the sacrifice for all of humanity, the author shows us how insight (the head), longing (the heart), and finally sacrifice (the hands), are the key to the inner awakening of the ‘Coming New Man’. 

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