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The Brotherhood of Shamballa

The Brotherhood of Shamballa

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Catharose de Petri and Jan van Rijckenborgh

As the earth is changing, so is our society, and in the atmosphere new radiation values are developing, bringing forth great new opportunities for the planet and humankind. How can we, as seeking people, prepare for this new reality? The authors outline how humankind receives help for this change, from Shamballa, the reality of life that one can enter by ascending towards it. From that sphere, a call goes out to all humanity to move towards regeneration, renewal, to becoming truly Human. What matters is whether we answer that call.


Throughout history, humankind has been guided, helped, and supported by those who have walked the spiritual path to its liberating end, and who are known by many names.  These ‘Liberated Ones’ also known as the ‘Brotherhood of Shamballa’, have always maintained close contact with humanity, working tirelessly to ensure a liberating path was always open to those who longed to follow.  

Humanity has now entered a period when much that was once hidden is now revealed, and in this book, Jan van Rijckenborgh unveils many of the mysteries that once surrounded this ‘Brotherhood’; who they are, and how they work on behalf of the world and mankind.  The reader is given an insight into the mysteries of the Gobi Desert, the spiritual heart of the world, as far as it represents a focal point of the activities of the Brotherhood.  

From the insights of Jan van Rijckenborgh, we are openly confronted with the reality of how ‘God does not forsake the work of his hands’, and just how, and through whom, this sacrifice of Love is brought to all of humanity.  Not to be thought of in simply physical terms, the Brotherhood of Shamballa is not only the liberated ones who went before us but are those whose combined soul power is the embodiment of the Love Sacrifice radiating today over all of humanity.

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