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Gnosis as inner Religion

Crystal Series

Gnosis as inner Religion

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Rozekruis Pers



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Edited by K Dietzfelbinger

There is, in a deep sense, only one truth. All world religions have this deepest truth at their core. In every religion this core can be recognized as an inner religion. By this universal principle, truth becomes manifest, as an inward knowledge of the great plan of God. Every soul-person who can respond to the gnostic radiation activity in this way obtains the inner knowledge: the Gnosis. Gnosis brings the conscious enlightenment, the radiant activity which recreates the soul-man into spirit-man.


Every religion, including Christianity, in its original form is an inner religion, for there is only one truth, one gnosis. In thirteen chapters different aspects of the ancient and now ubiquitous concept of gnosis are discussed. Gnosis as knowledge of God, as love-wisdom, as profound insight into the true destiny of man as a microcosm, in short, gnosis as inner religion, is the theme of this fifth part in the crystal series. The reader receives insight into gnosis as a radiant activity, and its action on the soul principle present in every human being is explained to him. Texts appear in this volume of the Crystal series with the objective of bringing the seeking human being closer to the original purpose of being human.

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