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Symbols of the Soul - English

Symbols of the Soul - a 9-part program for becoming a spirit-inspired person

Symbols of the Soul - English

If you would like to participate in our free online program 'Symbols of the Soul', you can follow the nine narratives and daily reflections at your own pace, using the links below.

Symbols of the Soul Program Introduction

Do you know that within you lies an element of the Divine Source, which offers you the possibility to become a Spirit-inspired person?

Are you aware that your soul is a manifestation of the True Soul, and therefore is inextricably linked to all other souls?

Do you realise what can be achieved if you allow the Spirit-spark in your deepest self to awaken and grow?

Humanity en masse stays ignorance of the true nature of soul, and its destiny. Consequently, many problems we encounter in the World are directly or indirectly the result of denying and ignoring the soul, as the most essential aspect of ourselves and our fellow human beings.
There are many forces in the world that keep us distracted or misguided, yet there is every reason for hope. During our recent era, the human personality has developed in such a way that the soul aspect has been awakened in many people.

Contemplative and esoteric traditions both from the east and the west provide us with the formulae to awaken a new Soul-consciousness, one that draws its guidance and energy from the Divine Source, and so is able to experience and radiate its inexpressible love and wisdom into the world.
Therefore, such a Spiritually inspired Soul-consciousness is now more necessary than ever before. In this program you may discover the Symbols and meanings of the Soul, and how you yourself can contribute to an overall spiritual awareness and renewal.
Explore the profound knowledge that has been kept hidden in mystery schools for centuries, and develop a understanding of the symbols of the soul, those powerful expressions of the ineffable. Transform the world by starting with yourself. Prepare yourself for an authentic spiritual path in your daily life.

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