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Video Presentations
of the Golden Rosycross

Browse our online video content, including our latest and best video presentations on Spirituality and walking the Living Path shown by

the Golden Rosycross

The Golden Rosycross radiates the Light of the Gnosis, so that it may be found by all those who long for it...

Here we present our latest presentations and contemplations online.
We hope you find these presentations informative and inspiring for your spiritual journey

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Video Presentation

Man, Cosmos and Macrocosm

In this public talk we would like to address one of the key elements of the universal teaching that is the absolute Unity that lies underneath everything that exists, a deep and true Unity that manifests itself from the smallest tiny bit of one atom until the vast magnitude of the whole universe, a Unity that allows you to see that there is a perfect correspondence between man, the cosmos and the microcosm: man, Cosmos, macrocosm

Video Presentation

Earthly Experience Cosmic Awareness

Today's human life is characterised by division, disharmony and chaos. We struggle to communicate with each other, let alone agree and cooperate on basic issues. Societies, cultures and traditions seem to crumble under the weight of modernity with life and change spinning at increasing velocity. Yet, millions of people are awakening to this state of things, to the reality that earthly experience is not meant to be a grinder, the mere endless repetition of rising, shining and declining. Do you also recognise the need to connect and open up to this cosmic awareness, a perspective that transcends the human experience of survival, with infinite possibilities beyond the limited horizon of our current consciousness?

Video Presentation

The Bhagavad Gita & the Spiritual Path within

Today, just as thousand years ago, the spiritual light penetrates the human being who is sufficiently evolved to receive the light of divine thought, and every time man becomes aware of it, the Redeemer is born in him, with perception of his divine existence. Christian idea of the spiritual rebirth of a man, is in the principle the awakening of the consciousness of God in him, as it is allegorically represented in the New Testament. Therefore, each one of us is Arjuna, each one of us has a chariot, and in it each one of us also has the spiritual guide (Krishna), who gives advice to earthly man. When man consciously becomes one with the Light who dwells in him, and Arjuna and Krishna, Adam and Christ agree to this union, then the chariot becomes the temple of God, who dwells in us.

Video Presentation

Egyptian Hermeticism - The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza. The most majestic and enigmatic of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World has been the object of scientific, occult, and religious investigation for centuries. The Great Pyramid was built with stone materials so that it would survive the test of Time. It was constructed with a mathematical and architectural precision that cannot be disputed. We know that mathematics is the universal language of the Creation. It is apparent that Great Intelligences built this magnificent structure with the intention of communicating a message of some kind to future generations…using this “universal language” So, what is the Great Pyramid? What is its purpose?

Video Presentation

Esoteric Christianity - Beyond Religion

Esoteric Christianity is not a historical or cultural phenomenon, but a perspective on human's potential, humanity's true destiny and the process of inner transformation of the consciousness for all those who seek meaningful change in their life.

Video Presentation

The Mystery of Life and Reincarnation

"Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates". -The Kybalion With profound insight, this principle unveils a dynamic reality. Modern Science echoes its ancient wisdom, affirming that all is in motion, perpetual vibration. Hermetic Masters of old proclaimed this truth eons ago, as evidenced by new scientific revelations. These vibrations create diverse manifestations across Matter, Energy, Mind, and Spirit, shaped by frequencies.

Video Presentation

Living Spirituality Today

How can I lead a spiritual life in these times? What is the key to a spiritual path?

Video Presentation

Freedom, Unity & Love

"He who achieves the quintessence of being human, has knowledge of his origin, lives through matter and finds his true place and destiny. He becomes the servant who prepares the house for the Other One, and spreads the Light for all who approach the house - in Unity, Freedom and Love. The essence of a pure life is in us. The essence of the soul is Unity, Freedom and Love!"

Video Presentation

The Spiritual Necessity for True Change

All around the World people long for change, amidst the decadence of old state and cultural structures, old values, old ways of living that do not suit today's consciousness. We have choice however to be the change we want to see in the World, as famously Mahatma Ghandi said. How do we bring about true spiritual change in ourselves and in the World.

Video Presentation

Egyptian Hermeticism - Gnosis along the Nile

What was the nature of the hermetic wisdom that came to us from Ancient Egypt? What were its foundations? What secrets was it trying to conceal? Or reveal? The word “hermetic” means “to be secretly sealed”. The hermetic traditions of Ancient Egypt, with its curious hieroglyphics, mute statues, ubiquitous temples, and its imposing but silent pyramids remain a mystery in this so-called “modern” age. It is a mystery to us because modern archaeology and modern Egyptology do not have the gnostic keys required to decode the meticulously arranged spiritual symbolism that was purposely embedded within every aspect of that glorious civilization. In this public talk, we will explore how to break some of those seals in order to provide a better understanding of the power and beauty behind this ancient world religion. Find out why Ancient Egypt was called “the expression on Earth of the order in Heaven above”.

Video Presentation

The Path to Peace - beyond fear

In a world where we experience so much division, disunity and even war, more and more people look for peace, for harmony, for unity. How to turn these high values into living realities? The first step is to turn the consciousness inwardly...change yourself to change the world. This is easier said then done! Peace cannot be attained by the will, by "deciding" that we want it. We need to approach it with great understanding of what in us is not in harmony with this state of being, what obstacles are on our path. This is an inner process which we invite to explore with us.

Video Presentation

The Spiritual Self-Revolution

Beyond the societal structures and norms that keep us bound and alienate us to our own self, lies the possibility for a great Spiritual self-revolution, a total regeneration and transformation of the human consciousness according to new values that modern human beings are called to find within themselves, under the guidance of their innermost spiritual essence, the rose, the lotus, the Spirit-spark atom.
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