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Transcending to the Eternal

volume 40 nr 1

2018 - One

Transcending to the Eternal

Rubrique 1

No study is more important than that of the self. ‘If you would ask me’, Elihu teaches in The Aquarian Gospel, ‘what to study, I would answer: study yourself; and when you will have studied it, and then would ask me what to study next, I would reply, still yourself.’ [Chap. 8, verse 14] ‘He who knows well his lower self, knows the illusions of the world, and knows of the things that pass away; and he who knows his higher self, knows God, and knows well the things that cannot pass away. Thrice blessed is the man who has made purity and love his very own; he has been ransomed from the perils of the lower self and is himself his higher self.’ [Chap. 8, verse 15] In the One and Infinite Creator, we distinguish the attributes of Power, Intelligence and Love. The Aquarian Gospel explains that there are three forms of consciousness: - The consciousness of the omnipotence of God and man; - The Christ-consciousness or the consciousness of the divine love; - The consciousness of the Holy Breath, or supreme intelligence. In this issue of Pentagram, we study these three aspects of the One and Infinite Creator, and elucidate them on the basis of considerations of special thinkers or world teachers - always directed at the most complex but also the most relevant subject of this time: the study of the self, and the confusions of the I.

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The two objectives of the Gnosis - The neutralization of the I - J. van Rijckenborgh
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Hansen & Co - J. Anker Larsen
Collective work - individual search: Jiddhu Krishnamurti
Europe in search of her lost identity
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Alfa and Omega
Alfa and Omega and the Chi Ro
Melancholy of unrest - Joke Hermsen
The transcendent unity of religions - Frithjof Schuon
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