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The Seven Schools

volume 37 nr 5

September/October 2015

The Seven Schools


It has always been stated that the true esoteric tradition, in the sense of the liberation of the soul figure in the human being, or in other words becoming an inhabitant again of the kingdom of Heaven, can only be effectively realised via the true schools of the Gnosis. For any amount of reading and studying shall not avail us if we do not realise enough of an inner ability to cross the threshold that separates us from the perception of the truth, and if we not practise living the Way, the Way that is eternally protected by the ‘bearers of the Path’. The Way is extraordinary. It is a way that both begins and ends with ‘not-knowing’. Which begins with humility and ends with even greater humility. Going the way we learn that we, as human beings are at the same time unique and similar. That we are just as exceptional as all the billions of stars in God’s glorious firmament and at the same time are we unique in the experience of the One in our innermost centre and in each of the billions of cells surrounding that surround It. Without the bearers of the Path: - the aware ones, the guardians, the helpers, the universal brotherhood - not one step is possible. With them the Path is a broad highway toward the true reality that surrounds our planet!

Articles in this issue...

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The rediscovery of the Gnosis
Higher Pantheism
Jan Hus - The First Reformation: Defend the Truth to the death
Mantao’s journey
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