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Dying Alchemically

volume 37 nr 2

March/April 2015

Dying Alchemically


To die it requires the “outside” courage, but to live the “inside” one. It is definitely easier to die for your beliefs than to live by them… Yet, it is far from common knowledge to realize that real life consists of two parts: to live each day is to change, evolve, and transform oneself constantly - until and including the death. The price of life is paid with the ransom of death. Once penetrated by this wisdom, or better said, being fused with it, having embraced that wisdom, the life landscape changes by 180 degrees. From that moment on, each day is filled with the grandeur of the within, then joy, understanding, and servitude flow in waves over and through you. Life and death are then like breathing in and out; and you know that the pressure upon you is there to make you a better observer, stronger, more valuable. Your present circumstances, incredible yet true, form the best possibility for your next step, as long as you cooperate with the stream of life from all your heart and with all your head. It is in this way that the classical alchemists understood life and how they perceived their art, following attentively the processes linked to the making of the tincture.

Articles in this issue...

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World images: alchemical recipes
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