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volume 35 nr 4

July/August 2013

The center contains all the images

Título 1

Since the beginning, there is Logos, order, harmony, rest and equilibrium; this Logos is with God, yes, God himself is this balanced order of what is. It has existed since the beginning, with God; everything that is created, is created by it and outside that, nothing is created that is created. These exalted, comforting words guide the human being who thinks in an exalted way and while thinking elevates himself, surpassing limits and opposites. While striving, he acknowledges his link with everything that is, and his association with the one, infinite Creator. Reflecting, in deep contemplation, the coherence unfolds before him, the never-ending development of what is great and what is small in cosmos and microcosm, in God, cosmos and man. By acting, he experiences that this whole cosmic clockwork signifies a continuous service to others. In this way, he joins the exalted ones as a servant and he knows that the Word (Logos) is in everything, and everything in the Word.

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