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The nature of true seeing

volume 35 nr 3

May/June 2013

The nature of true seeing


Look! The marketplace of the world is where the modern human being stands. Something of a movement yet stirs in him, an image, a fragrance, a memory, but his direction is uncertain. There is a world image of fear; is that his? No, may fear stay far away. There is an economic world image and a military world image. Shock and awe: violence and terror, are they his world? And what kind of solution would this be? Money then, there is a world of money - is that his? However, does he not know that everything there is, is many times worse than what he is aware of. And yes, there is a world of the environment and ecology, rife with interests! However, the silent world of the plants has been denied to him, and in this way, the human being is [only?] able to inflict serious damage to it. And there is the colourful palette of the pure animal world - but man has been denied purity. What a human being touches, he defiles and whatever he tries to do well, his efforts mock him and show him the half-heartedness of his intentions.

Articles in this issue...

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‘I have no soul…!’ he said - ‘you have not one soul, but you have two!’
Seven courses of time
The way of the Soul beyond fear
Seven insights for a spiritual path
Ahura Mazda
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