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The construction of the Inner Temple

volume 35 nr 2

March/April 2013

The construction of the Inner Temple


The construction of the inner temple and the world work in society are two points of departure, two directions, which reflect one coherent work. It is a dual theme, for which some attention is certainly in order. We approach these themes, aware that it is impossible to do anything for humanity and society in the true sense of the word, if there is not simultaneously a sustained activity in our own being, which is the result of a great inner change, namely knowing that, if we can serve others, we also best help ourselves. In this context, service to others is a keyword, reflecting generosity and maintenance of self-respect. It begins by finding the source and unlocking the hidden rose garden - the eternal, exalted principle in the human heart. On this basis, service becomes natural, rather like the earth serves us by giving everything. And rather like the sun serves by emanating consciousness, glorious, life-giving warmth and enormous beauty, to which every autumn leaf testifies, but also every smile that a fellow human being grants you and every roguish look of a child.

Articles in this issue...

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Vertical inflow: intuition, intelligence, signs - World Brotherhood Day
Convivencia - Peace
An impulse as a gong-stroke - on the occasion of the Ussat Conference 2012
The unity of the work
The language of the silence
Hear the music!
My life - meditation of a young person
Book review: The secret rose garden
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