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Two Kinds of Thinking

volume 32 nr 2

March/April 2010

Two Kinds of Thinking


There are two kinds of thinking: analytical thinking and healing thinking. The first form of thinking is based on a boundless number of phenomena and is seeking its component parts, assuming that the smallest atom will bring the greatest solution. Everything it touches, it divides, analyses, classifies, makes harmless and subjugates to itself. The other type of thinking sees the one universal life being expressed jubilantly everywhere, in glorious diversity, with an indescribable wealth of forms and types. Everything it beholds is enjoyed by its sight; it eagerly shows its beauty and its subtle aspects; it is liberated and taken up into the higher good. One type of thinking brings coolness and overview, while the other type brings warmth, life and insight. One type belongs to the mind, the other one to original Man. The first type is earthly-human, the other one divine.

Articles in this issue...

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Reflect the spirit: an address to young people
Alchemy today: on heroism, courage, the struggle for truth and inner change
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