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Suhrawardi, Tolkien and Ko Juan

volume 30 nr 3

May/June 2008

Suhrawardi, Tolkien and Ko Juan


The language of the soul is used by all who want to link us again with the great Light from which we originated. The enlightened ones already use this language as poetry, indeed, as music. It is said that at the end of time, the children of the Light will play a perfect composition before their creator. They will perform all themes in just the right way. Perfect harmony will be realised at the moment that these themes resound, because all will then fully understand the intentions of the Light, and each one will wholeheartedly know the function of the other, as he is known himself.

Articles in this issue...

The Arab gnosis in three stories by Suhrawardi - a contribution from Germany
Nothing changes... - beyond life, on yonder side of death - a contribution from France
Creation as mirror - a contribution from Switzerland
Music’s song of the spheres - a contribution from Switzerland
True virtue is ‘natural’ - J.A. Blok
The book of purity - Ko Juan
The mystery of the heart
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