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Gnosis and Rosycross

An Exploration of the Meaning of Life

We welcome you to this introductory series, offering the opportunity to explore and discuss the universal teachings shared by the School of the Golden Rosycross and the path its pupils follow.
The content presented here is intended as a background to our regular public events in which we discuss in depth the universal teachings of the Golden Rosycross. Please see our upcoming events, and we most cordially welcome you to join our events for seekers around the world!

Explorations of Gnosis and Rosycross

The Inner Revolution

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The Inner RevolutionExplorations of Gnosis and Rosycross
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Summary Exploration 7 The Inner Revolution

Explore the path of inner transformation that involves opening our heart and head to new spiritual impulses. A new consciousness must be awakened, one that can embrace true Love, Wisdom and Unity.

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The Awakening of the New Consciousness in Practice

On the basis of the six preceding explorations, you may have formed an idea of what pupils of the Rosycross are striving for, what their goal is.

The expression “new soul” has already been mentioned a few times. The goal is the realization and growth of this new soul, a soul with eternal value. In this process, we as a personality must fulfill an important role. On the one hand, we must develop in order to take our place in the world. On the other hand, we must become the servant of the new soul, the higher being within. We call the latter process fulfillment, becoming whole, or becoming healed. This realization takes us beyond theoretical reflections.

~ In this process of becoming whole, what do we need, what do we have to do, and what do we have to leave behind?

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