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The Gnostic Path of the Golden Rosycross

An Introduction in 12 Explorations

We welcome you to this Introduction to the Gnostic Path of the Golden Rosycross, an opportunity to explore and discuss the universal teachings shared by the School of the Golden Rosycross and the path its pupils follow.
You can follow these explorations now at your own pace and at a time that suits you. Please get in touch with us with questions, and you are most welcome to join our activities for members around the world!
We’re here for you, and we wish you a good journey!

Introduction to the Gnostic Path of the Golden Rosycross

Self Knowledge

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Self KnowledgeIntroduction to the Gnostic Path of the Golden Rosycross
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Summary Exploration 2 - Self-Knowledge

Where do I come from? Why am I here? What will happen to me after I die? As seekers, we feel certain that there must exist an objective answer to these questions. But such answers are only available to those who open themselves to the living, transforming Truth. But this living Truth is not something that was once said by a philosopher or a theologian, or found hidden in some ancient manuscript. Neither do you need to seek it far from home, for it lies within you, yourself, and has only to be reawakened and allowed to bloom.

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Exploration 2 - Self-Knowledge

One of the main points made in the first exploration was that many ideas about the aim of human life are based on a delusion, a fundamental misconcep­tion, the mistaken idea that the earthly human being is the true human being, and that perfection can be found in this world or in the hereafter.

We explained that, very often, the ideals people strive for originate from the primordial atom, the last remnant of the original life in the human being. This remnant is what gives rise to pre-remembrance and the deep­-seated, often unconscious, yearning for a life without conflict

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