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Yoga as Inner Spiritual Practice | Americas-Europe-Africa
Yoga as Inner Spiritual Practice | Americas-Europe-Africa

Sun, Jun 12


Free Online Event

Yoga as Inner Spiritual Practice | Americas-Europe-Africa

Your local time: The origin of yoga is to be found not only in India, for the universal system of liberation it describes is one for all humanity. It is the process for reunification with Brahma, the Universal Spirit, through a new mode of life, Yoga.

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Jun 12, 2022, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

Free Online Event


"Ancient Knowledge - Modern Wisdom: Yoga as Inner Spiritual Practice" | Americas-Europe-Africa

Free Public Talk Series on Zoom | Check Your Local Time Here

The origins of Yoga is to be found not only in India, for Yoga describes the universal system of transfiguration. This process of liberation of humanity, is, amongst other things, called “yoga” in the holy oriental terminology, and “rebirth” in the holy language of Christianity. The candidate of an oriental school will refer to this as a reunion with Brahma, while those of a western school speak of an encounter with the “inner Christ” in the new field of life. Both aim to achieve one goal: full unification with the Universal Spirit.

The process of connecting with the Divine essence through a new mode of life as the one described in the Sermon on the Mount, forges a link with a new atmosphere, expressed by a totally different etheric substance. Once this link has been achieved, the candidate will breathe in this new field of life.

It is said: “Before the eyes can see, they must have unlearned to shed tears; before the ear can hear, it must have become insensitive to impressions of lower life; before the voice can speak in the presence of the Light, it must have lost the power to make others suffer; before the pupil is able to stand in the presence of the Light, his feet must have been bathed in the heart’s blood”.

In this way, we open up to the helping forces of Atman, the Spirit spark within ourselves, achieving liberation, the New Soul-Spirit. Atman resides in the human heart and can unite with Brahma, the Omnipresent Absolute.

Find your timezone at the link here: 

14:00 (EDT) (Miami, Montréal, New York)

13:00 (CDT) (Houston, Chicago, Minneapolis)

12:00 (MDT) (Province of Alberta)

11:00 (PDT) (Pacific coast, Los Angeles, AZ)

10:00 (ADT) (Anchorage)

08:00 (HST) (Honolulu)

19:00 (GMT) (London, Dublin, Lagos)

20:00 (WAT) (Johannesburg, Cairo, Beirut)

21:00 pm (CAT) (Nairobi, Moskow, Ankara)

22:00 pm (EAT) ( Dubai, Ankara)

The three weekly online explorations form a way inward and outward, from perspective to insight. All explorations can be followed separately and no prior knowledge is needed. Your hosts are pupils of the Golden Rosycross.

We use Zoom video conferencing software to create a dynamic heart-to-heart interaction with you. Our explorations don't require any prior knowledge.

We don't record the open exchanges during these explorations, and you're always in control of your microphone and camera.

We do ask you, however, to join on time if possible, as a courtesy to other participants. Check dates and local starting times and join your weekly live meetings. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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