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Harmony in Polarity - Gnosis in practice | Americas, Europe, Africa
Harmony in Polarity - Gnosis in practice | Americas, Europe, Africa

Sun, Jun 16


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Harmony in Polarity - Gnosis in practice | Americas, Europe, Africa

In a world of strong polarities, opposition to each other & open conflict, can we find balance in the opposites? Can we still connect across the separation that has its primary root in the human consciousness?

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Jun 16, 2024, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

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Harmony in Polarity - Gnosis in practice | Americas, Europe, Africa

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Polarity, like masculine and feminine energy, are not just traits defining men and women, but fundamental forces that shape aspects of life. 

These forces are complementary, each possessing unique qualities that, when united, can form a dynamic balance, essential for the wholeness of society.

Yet, if we look at our society, the interplay between the masculine and feminine has often been a source of conflict, separation and much sufferting. 

Still today, we often struggle to understand and harmonise our actions, trying to force one side of the equation to fit the whole, agan producing division and conflict.

All this is due to the fundamental division, separedness in the human consciousness.

Yet, a different approach is certainly different, a deeper understanding of the need for contrapposing forces to form a higher balance in ourselves.

Throughout history, Gnostic schools and communities, have always recognised this and manifested it in their spiritual practices, also by applying complete equality between male and female members of their communities - they knew that men and women had to work together in order to connect to the true inner light. These groups, these spiritual schools, understood that the fondamental differences between women and men,

once put at the service of a higher purpose, are not a hindrance but a blessing on the path to the Light.

Beyond the female and male aspect in the human being, this two spiritual currents, if understood correctly, can show us a third active element in the consciousness, from which a new reality can spring forth.

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