The Universal Remedy

The Universal Remedy

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Jan van Rijckenborgh

The supreme remedy is an astral light-power, originating from a different astral field and of an absolutely pure and sanctified nature. If our present state is determined by an astral condition, then obviously we can be helped only by a new astral condition. Thus we will be able to see clearly that the new light-power acts as an antithesis to literally everything that maintains and keeps in motion our nature-born astral self. It leads the candidate towards self-discovery and, at the same time, it is a force for healing, not automatically, but enabling the candidate himself to take in hand the great work of sanctification. This work, performed by the ego on the ego in the power of God, we call self-surrender. It is the not-doing of the `I' on the one hand, and a very vigorous action in the power of the light of God on the other. In this way the pupil is enabled to bring the entire process of the redemption of the soul to a good end