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The Seven Rays

of the Spirit and the Transformation of Human Life

The Seven Rays

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Lectorium Rosicrucianum

This book is an invitation to dive deep into your heart, so that you can understand and recognize your inner reality and awaken to the process that can be carried out
by your consciousness, not only recognize it, but also make the firm decision to take the necessary path to allow it to happen. It explores each of the spaces of the human heart of the human being, seeking to understand each of the flames that burn there and understand what needs to change in our consciousness, so that a new sevenfold fire can emerge and transform our entire lives.


“The Seven Rays of the Spirit and the Transformation of Human Life" offers a detailed guide for inner transformation based on the teachings of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum. By understanding and aligning the seven chambers of the heart with the Universal Principle, individuals can embark on a profound journey towards a New Life, characterized by harmony, wisdom, and true spiritual awakening.

Humanity has always sought a true, higher life, represented in myths and legends where protagonists undergo trials and transformation. This "New Life" is a principle found within every human, symbolized by the "Candelabrum of the Heart" with seven flames. Each flame must be transformed by the Spirit Spark, leading to a union of Spirit and Soul. This union is depicted in various myths and legends, representing the transformative process of consciousness.

The heart is a physical organ and the core of subtle, energetic bodies. It houses the "Candelabrum of the Heart" with seven flames. Transformation requires the unification of Spirit and Soul in the heart, initiating a profound change in consciousness and life.

The book explores the connection between the human archetype and the creative powers of the universe. It describes how the Absolute Being manifests through the union of Spirit and Matter, resulting in self-aware consciousness that must transcend ego identification.

Human beings have three centers of consciousness: heart, head, and life, each mirroring the divine archetype. The transformation process involves aligning these centers with the Absolute Being, leading to the birth of a New Soul.

The seven flames in the heart correspond to the Seven Rays of the Spirit, each representing a different aspect of life and consciousness:

1. Will - The first chamber of the heart represents the deep intention or Will, the driving force behind all thoughts, emotions, and actions. Aligning this Will with the Universal Principle initiates the transformative process.

2. Love - The second chamber corresponds to Love, which must be purified and aligned with the divine.

3. Intelligence - The third chamber represents Intelligence, essential for understanding and integrating spiritual truths.

4. Harmony - The fourth chamber is Harmony, balancing internal and external forces.

5. Wisdom - The fifth chamber symbolizes Wisdom, guiding actions and decisions.

6. Dedication - The sixth chamber stands for Dedication, essential for sustaining the transformative journey.

7. Action - The seventh chamber represents Action, the manifestation of inner transformation in the physical world.

This book emphasizes the practical aspect of this spiritual journey, urging readers to actively transform their consciousness and lives. It highlights the importance of understanding the symbolic language used to describe the process and encourages a deep dive into the heart to ignite the sevenfold power of the Spirit.

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