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Help out - the harvest must be brought in

volume 40 nr 4

2018 - Four

Help out - the harvest must be brought in


And eternally the trumpet sounds ... help out! Again we present a range of subjects, insights and perspectives, from one background and with one theme: this can stimulate and support us on our path to become a true human. The mystery language of symbols can help us over thresholds. J. van Rijckenborgh brings the deep meaning of Unicorn, Lion and Dove to life. Here, beauty forms a window to the divine. The paintings of William Blake also offer such a window. He paints the golden compass from God’s eternal workshop, ‘to encircle this universe and all things made ... and He said: Let this be your limit, O world’. The same world is unimaginable without light and sound. Behind a true spoken word in the temple of the Rosycross is a world of Light. And sound is the carrier for the ether values that offer us comfort in healing the soul shards of Osiris. The newspaper article: Help young people to discover what is really of value, apart from the bleak outlook of performance-stress, burn-out and depression, offers also a positive image: the future is soul growth, not economic growth. In our century a new sense of unity arises, of solidarity with all human souls. Life itself shall be the training ground of those values. Then a column: Eternally the trumpet sounds in the spheres, but the world continues with the order of the day. A few listen breathlessly and for them nothing is the same anymore ... In the folds and knots of this impossible world, still the path to true humanity is concealed. And another thought is worked out. Five words that you can hold on to if you have to go through a very deep valley: ‘Everything is to your salvation’. That goes far, very far, and yet... On what step of human development do we stand? Cultivation, civilization or moralization? On the third step, man becomes a law unto himself, in voluntary obedience to God, according to the holy commission: Love God above all and your neighbours as yourself. The realization of the human aptitude that Kant had in mind, then comes into view. We are then in the flow of renewal, of the trinity of hylic, psychic, and pneumatic influence, otherwise of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Receiving everything, relinquishing everything, and thereby renewing everything. Do we have the courage to live in the dynamics of ever-changing insights? Where are we? Where are you? Think along, join in, help us, the harvest has to be brought in.

Articles in this issue...

And eternally, the trumpet sounds - help out!
World images
The unicorn, the lion and the dove - J. van Rijckenborgh
The Superlative
Sound and light: William Blake - the man with the compass
What is really of value - From economic growth to soul growth
Back to school: A reflection
Cygnus - the swan
Little white bird - The magic of an encounter
Sword and cross: Cultivation - Civilization - Moralization
The epic of the Kalevala - The epic of the Kalevala
Three natures, three types of people - pneuma, psyche and hyle
The Convert - Stefan Hertmans
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