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A new dawn

volume 40 nr 3

2018 - Three

A new dawn


A new dawn ... but can something be called new which is there every day? Is not everything already known, already seen and already done? Is not everything ‘undertaken in vain’, as the Bible book Ecclesiastes says? Yet there is an earth that gives forth every opportunity for every day. She is a mother - faithfully she feeds her offspring, lovingly she embraces what comes forth from her. Oh, how she was honored by the ancients who called her Gaia. Gaia, they sang to her, mother who gave birth to the sky - Uranos, Heaven! Thus, as depicted on our cover, they saw Heaven being born, there, in the distance, from the depths in which the darkness reigns, beyond the horizon - there the earth gives birth to its new dawn. Sometimes they painted her rising from the water, reflecting billions of flashes of light and love on the foam of the waves, like Aphrodite, as Love itself. Fear and night had passed, had been overcome, the new had been born. From these ever-renewed depths, all creatures that belong to the earth play their part every day, as far as their powers reach - the powers of their Life force. And those who exercise their strength during the day will calmly send their spirit back into the night at the end of the day, knowing that the spirit, too, awaits a new birth, a new dawn - in the sun-sphere.

Articles in this issue...

World image
The Sun-Life - Jan van Rijckenborgh
Creating is Love - A splattered universe or the decay of order
The tree of faith - Boehmes Aurora
Fifteen hundred years of consolation for the soul - Anicius Boëthius
We shall walk on our own two feet: Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Transcendentalism movement
The painter at the crossroads - Piet Mondriaan
Guido Gezelle - The Whirligig
Mind expansion
Mika Waltari - Writer and inspired visionary
Day and night - About thinking
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