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Wisdom, Light of the Rose

volume 40 nr 2

2018 - Two

Wisdom, Light of the Rose


Before you lies an edition of Pentagram written as a tribute to the rose as a universal symbol of unselfish love which has been the highest ideal of any Rosicrucian and the focal point of his contemplation throughout the ages. We explore this symbol on the basis of her beauty and the inspiration she has given the poets through the ages, eliciting their most beautiful songs. What is it that allows the rose to exhibit her most delicate beauty, such as the silky texture of her petals, and to create a glimmer of hope in human hearts? And why then her thorns that make it difficult to approach her beauty? Her perfect symmetry is hidden in the irregularity of her leaves; she camouflages her essence in her rose fragrance. Her thorns are equally interesting, and the cross of her stem also points to timely needs and to the great privilege of being human. O magic symbol of the unattainable! Sublime contradiction in a single flower! Perfect image of the striving human! Only the noble bee which collects her nectar and the person who dares to press her thorn to his heart are able to see the world of which she testifies.

Articles in this issue...

The hymn of love - Johann Valentin Andreae
Eternal rose
The other reality of the rose
The Aquarian conspiracy revisited
Wisdom, the Light of the Rose
The rose of reason
Rose, o pure contradiction
To start all over again - Lecture Month of the Spirituality 2018
Everything vibrates
When I tried to think, staccato - Inner monologue: Which awareness does the 21st Century need?
Rumi, Ryokan, Yeats - Three poems
Organ donation - the state of affairs
The mystery around Francis Bacon - Jaap Ruseler
What you see is yourself
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