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Read! To read is the work of the active Spirit.

volume 38 nr 4

2016 - Four

Read! To read is the work of the active Spirit.


‘Read!’ - is written in loud letters on the cover. ‘For reading forms your character…’ Now it is absolutely true that the living soul - as always the main topic of this magazine - needs no letters to to exist. And each character, which opens itself for her, is all right. The living soul is always looking for the highest essence; she lives and breathes in pure ethers of an entirely different atmosphere. Her thinking perceives the connections of a life, grand and expansive and is characterized by a pure, but intelligent simplicity. But we, thinking people who have to find our way through a complicated life, may benefit from the structured line of thought in good writing. Texts that shed light on the circumstances in which we find ourselves can open a window for us to the vastness of universal life. If they can also offer us a practical guide to right thinking - indispensable at the beginning of the path of the soul as may be gleaned from the article by James Allen in this issue, it is as if we receive a double gift. If you value it, great, then you are indeed the kind of reader for this kind of magazine.

Articles in this issue...

White fields - J. van Rijckenborgh
The bridge of the light in Mostar
Fairy tales for 2016
Two kinds of time for two different worlds
Shocking Experiences
About the Path
Initiation - Enlightenment - Liberation
Arminius & Externsteine
The legacy of Carl Gustav Jung
The dash-line
The double circle
The first Steps in the Higher Life - James Allen
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