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Can we be explorers of what does not yet exist?

volume 37 nr 4

July/August 2015

Can we be explorers of what does not yet exist?

Rubrique 1

The amount of poets, thinkers and harbingers that indicate the spiritual path to the mankind is impressive. However, there are only very few who devote all their lives to follow this path and who last in their engagement. Following this sevenfold development invariably leads to inclusion in the chain formed by the bearers of the Path, those that have mapped it out and have thus become its guardians. And they all say, without exception, that the Path is sevenfold. Those who with earnestness make the first step, accomplish it out of time. They experience an understanding of an Eternal Being, in their own interior and around them. An immense joy fills and warms their hearts, dissolving all that was still rigid. At the same time they are confronted with a pile of difficulties of seven different tones which cannot be resolved otherwise than by returning to the depth of the creative power of the heart. The heart, being also sevenfold, is always challenged to pass a new border. And each border requires a passport: Universal Love. This Love is a unique valid visa, with no expiration date and no limitations of time or space. Indeed, what is universal englobes all and everyone. In the universal, we and others are One. To grasp this fully and to be integrated in this movement, we need real understanding. The last step turns out to be the first one.

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