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Kabbala as a process of transformation

volume 37 nr 3

May/June 2015

Kabbala as a process of transformation

Rubrique 1

Travellers, if you go to Paris, Melbourne or Brussels, or any of the modern places of violence on earth, please do pass our greetings to the fallen men there. Give them our best regards and send them your thoughts of love and freedom, wherever they are. Yet, do not enter their rhetoric of having given their lives: their lives have been taken from them! Do not get overwhelmed by their cries of “freedom” and “opinion” - the masses do not know any freedom! They do not even move. They are being moved. Freedom arises when man gets themselves in motion, in their most inner dimension. Wisdom is not born before man gets rid of shame and ignorance. Some time ago we presented a pentagram devoted to hidden gnosis in Sufism, the innermost of Islam. This issue opens new landscapes of light radiating from kabbala coming from Jewish wisdom.

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